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We have been collaborating with brands and agencies to build meaningful interactions since 2002.


Turn your project into a success story

  • TURNKEY SOLUTION - We specialize in providing our clients with solutions for their civil engineering, installation and maintenance projects, along with designs for foundations, assembly of towers for cellular telephony, as well as the construction of infrastructures, energy systems, among others.
  • INSTALLATIONS AND INVENTORIES - We have a wide knowledge on the installations of cellular equipment, telecommunication equipment, inventories of equipment in communication towers, as well as the maintenance of the same, we are proud to have at our disposal an excellent fleet of national maintenance crews.
  • IN THE FIELD - In the field of Implementation, Construction, Supervision, Installation, External Plant, Operation and Maintenance, SINERGIA is a subcontractor of equipment manufacturers as well as of Telecommunications Service Operators. We minimize the need for has an Operator or Equipment Manufacturer to install, construct, supervise, operate, give maintenance (Preventive or Corrective), train and retain the technical personnel of construction, assembly, maintenance or administration, resulting in a significant cost savings, enabling our customers to focus on their business main, thus generating more income for itself.


We are a company committed to the satisfaction of our customers and that is why we offer tailor made solutions with software developed with the options that we request, with a clean and friendly environment for easy use, always using the latest technologies on the market, with Modern and high-performance solutions.

  1. Web applications - We have a wide knowledge in web browsing tools, which allows us to create interactive platforms helping our clients to have a greater degree of closeness with their clients.
  2. Mobile apps - We develop applications for iOS and Android devices allowing to have solutions of excellent finish at hand, having an excellent user experience.
  3. Consultancy - We specialize in providing consultancy and support services both face-to-face and remote, providing our customers with a qualified staff at all times reducing the recruitment of personnel, we have the modalities for hours.

Support platform Currently we have our technical support platform in which all our clients can create their respective queries, having at hand always a follow-up under the form of "ticket" in which they will have information about your case at all times.


Partners We have strategic alliances with software companies recognized worldwide to present products for Call Center, ERP Hoteliers, Back Office, Social Media martekting, graphic design, software for banking entities among others.

Be productive. Be smart with our support plans.

Get serious about focusing your time. Choose the perfect support plan to fit your work, your team and your requirements.


$ 299  per month
  • 20 hours
  • This plan include
    This awesome features:
    Remote support by one off our experts
    iOS, Android, Mac Desktop & Windows Desktop App, Web App
    Support plataform


$ 499 per month
  • 40 hours
  • This plan includes Everything in Basic, and:  accumulative hours 
    Minor adjustments in projects 
    Unlimited tickets 
    Monthly reports 
    4 visits on site 
    Security updates


$ 799 per month
  • This plan includes Everything in Business, and: Support every day including holidays 
    Custom technical chat App 
    Preferential response times 
    Unlimited Minor Adaptations 
    Gold support 
    On-site support 
    Monitoring of daily activity 
    Discount on additional developments 5%

Home, Office & Banks Security

Feel safe with the best technology protecting your private areas with our Alarmas, Cameras, Gps, and all the cool gadgets we have for you, the installations are made by us, so you don't have to worry.

  1. Alarm - We have the most modern equipment, to protect your home and office, with different panels, motion sensors and smoke sensors, protect your investment today.
  2. CCTV - Video surveillance is a word that falls short, we have available continuous recording equipment with and support to be able to see in real time from your mobile iOS or Android
  3. Electric fence - The best deterrent system to protect the perimeter of your home and office, we have qualified labor for the installation of all our equipment.

Protect your family
It is time to sleep peacefully knowing that you are protected by a large perimeter system which is installed by qualified personnel in the world of security.

Solar Energy

Solar power is arguably the cleanest, most reliable form of renewable energy available, and it can be used in several forms to help power your home or business..


Professional design services and reviews by the top technical experts in the industry.


Access to expert advice from top professionals in the industry

A step ahead 

offering knowledge of the lastest information and implementation strategies

Data Center


Valued as a trusted partner, we provide complete services to deliver state-of-the-art data centers and the infrastructure to power, cool and secure these facilities. We understand the intricate nature of both renovating and building new mission critical facilities. Our team has a proven track record of delivering complex data center retrofits without service interruption, and we take special precautions to ensure new facilities are day-one optimized without compromising the ability to grow and meet future mission critical needs. 


We Make It Happen

Our Development team delivers—financing, site options, permitting, entitlements—everything you need to get a project on its way. Most importantly, we are thought leaders who partner with you to help align your facilities with your business needs.

Tap into our more than 3 decades of real estate development services to help meet your goals.

Key to project success

Engaging a skilled builder early with your leadership team, project teams and trade partners is key to your project's success.

Leverage our 60 years of experience to help make the right decisions early in your project lifecycle, and benefit from our ability to focus on priorities well beyond budget and schedule.

When we say Zero Injuries, we mean it!

Our outstanding safety record did not happen by chance; it is a derivation of our hard work and commitment to building a safety culture.

Our Zero Injury policy, which is reinforced daily, states: “All employees are obligated to conduct their work in a safe manner, to stop work immediately to correct any unsafe condition, and to take corrective action so that work may proceed in a safe manner.” There is nothing more important to us than protecting our workers, our customers, partners, and the general public.


About us

A Creative Company where technology moves people.
To be known as a company specializing in providing innovative and reliable systems for computing, technology, transactions and application management platforms that add value to our customers and business partners. 
Committed to the environment and mainly with the interests of our customers. Managing the construction with methods and tools certified by Institutes and Universities in issues related to Project Management.

Our History
Is born with the purpose of satisfying unmet needs in the Central American and Caribbean market, providing technological solutions for different areas and markets, such as Telecommunications, Prepaid Market, SMS, Remittances, Electronic Business, Value Added Services and Networking Facilities, Data, Electromechanical Projects, Energy and Civil Works.

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